2017 – A Year of Focus | Growth | Care

2016 was the longest year of my life, as I’m sure it was for others. So much happened in such a short amount of time, I’m thankful and relieved for the summer of 2017 to ring in loud and clear. I know I lost focus, especially near the end. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I’d like to do.

I finally feel like my year is starting, even though we’re already half way through! A new year is meant to be a new start, but New Years Resolutions tend to fail. That’s because people tend to think resolutions will happen overnight, and they don’t treat them like they really are: habits you have to create.

I spent a large portion of my holiday break reading up on habits and habit building. I went back to my favorite bloggers and YouTubers and looked through their content, and really studied it. This is how I came to figure out my goal for the new year.


I’ve started tons of projects last year, and easily got derailed from 85% of them. Why? Because I realized I lacked focus. I had the will power, but I had no self-control. So in 2017, I will be focused on doing rather than completing.

I'd like to focus more on my book photography.What does that mean for Wondering Creative?

Glad you asked! I will be using 2017 to focus on expanding my skills, both on a personal and professional level. Since I graduated in June of 2015, I’ve taken any job I could to start paying my bills. So 2017 I will be working on my career capital, working on my mental health, and expanding my knowledge using measurable, actionable steps and goals.

Wondering Creative will be where I document all of this and share what I’ve learned, so hopefully, the hard work only has to be done once, and you guys can learn from my mistake.

What to look forward to:

I’ve registered for some online classes, to learn more about writing, blogging, business, etc. Each month will have a different focus in the knowledge I acquire. This will hopefully stem the shiny object syndrome I’ve been suffering from, and give myself time to take the steps needed to apply the things I will be learning.

June will be all about relaunching the Instagram page.

July will be all about my summer reading project.

August will be all about learning how social media marketing can help a business or blog grow and reach more people to help.

At the end of August, I’ll evaluate where I stand with those three topics to decide the next three. If I feel confident with what I’ve learned, I’ll move on. If I feel I need more practice or clarification on a topic, I’ll continue down that rabbit hole.

I hope we can spend this year learning and grow together.