Hi! I'm Meg!

I’m a graphic designer by day, avid reader by night. I know people just don’t focus on one thing in life.

Here at Wondering Creative I explore some of my favorite things, including essential oils, books (mostly children’s young adults!) and getting shit together with my busy life. I’m here to help you find books to read, explore personal wellness with essential oils, and provide insights on various planning systems for busy working gal’s with a side hustles.  I look into productivity systems for busy lives, how to stay healthy and whole during all my hectic stuff. I experiment so you don’t have to.

You’ll find three main topics on Wondering Creative.

  • Books: I read and write about children’s novels, young adult novels. This can expand into how to take photos of books for Instagram, blogging about books, etc.
  • Essential Oils/Wellness: I’m exploring my own personal wellness and using natural holistic methods of eating and removing toxins from my mouth and home.  (Seriously a work in progress)
    • I am an Independent Member of the Young Living Essential Oil Family.
  • Self-Improvement/Financial Education: I’m constantly trying to improve myself whether is trying out a new productivity technique or planning style, or learning to manage my money and pay down my debt.

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A Little About Me

I’m a twenty-something designer, currently based in Burlington, Vermont. I work for a large corporate company working on web advertisements (aka those banner ads you block), day in and day out. I went to school in Savannah, Georgia and definitely miss being able to experiment creatively and artistically.

I enjoy the outdoors, reading, traveling, and am desperately trying to keep my life organized. I’m a Disney fanatic, and usually go once every year or so. My dream job would be a ride designer for one of the larger theme parks. I’ve got two awesome dogs, and when I’m not outside with them or working on the block, I’m cooking or baking.

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