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What I Do

I’m a graphic designer by day, a closet productivity nerd by night. I know people don’t just focus on one thing in life.

Here at Wondering Creative I explore some of my favorite things, including getting my shit together (a serious work in progress), learning film and video editing,  and working on some creative projects.

 I look into productivity systems for busy lives, how to stay healthy, creative, and whole while living a real, hectic, full life.



I’m a twenty-something designer, currently based in Burlington, Vermont. I work for a large corporate company working on web advertisements (aka those banner ads you block), day in and day out. I went to school in Savannah, Georgia and definitely miss being able to experiment creatively and artistically.

I enjoy the outdoors, reading, traveling, and am desperately trying to keep my life organized. I’m a Disney fanatic, and usually go once every year or so. My dream job would be a ride designer for one of the larger theme parks. I’ve got two awesome dogs, and when I’m not outside with them or working on the block, I’m cooking or baking.



I talk about maintaining Productivity and Creativity over at the Wondering Creative YouTube.


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