Why I Read Children’s Books

It’s not often you’ll find me without a book. Sometimes I’ll even have two or three books going at once. When I tell people I read nearly 52 books a year, I get funny looks and sometimes even praise! Sometimes I’ll even get the occasional “What are you currently reading?” and that’s where I try and shift the conversation, or give some vague answer like a fantasy novel, or this or that.

How I Ditched the Nasties and Gained Wellness Awareness

They’ve been all over the internet, taking over Pinterest at a furious pace.

Essential Oils.

You’ve heard a lot about essential oils being great for your health, your home, your pets. There’s tons of information and misinformation on the internet about essential oils, and it all seems overwhelming. This post is to walk you through why I personally chose essential oils, why I chose my brand, and give you some places where I get all my information on essential oils.