The Budget Bullet Journal Supplies

You’ve probably seen them. Possibly drooled over them. The latest craze in productivity that actually works: The Bullet Journal. The manicured spreads made with $50 pens in $20 notebooks. I was in love. But also broke, and couldn’t justify the most popular journal for the project, the Leuchtturm1917. So my quest for a more budget bullet journal set up began.

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Wait, What's a Bullet Journal?

First off, if you don’t know what bullet journaling is, head on over to the official site: The creator of the system explains it best.

I also suggest checking out Boho Berry and her Youtube Channel.

The genius of this system is that you can use any journal/sketchbook you’d like. Many people, including myself, prefer dot-grid or squared journals. This allows for the freedom to draw, doodle, organize however you like, while still keeping lines straight. But any notebook will do. The most common notebooks suggested for bullet journalling is minimum $20. That’s a bit high to spend on a notebook, and out of the fun budget of many people.

I’m always on the scout for a good deal, so this page will be updated often. And don’t forget all your favorite craft stores and their coupons!

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The Goods

Below I have listed tons of affordable/budget resources for you to begin your budget bullet journaling journey. I’ve tried to only include products that I or my readers can personally recommend. I’ve also tried to limit most things to $15 or less.

The basis of the system is your notebook. Here I’ve collected a few of the most popular affordable alternatives.

Writing tools are such a personal topic, you have to go with what works for you, the paper you chose, and your life style! (Really! Color? Black and white? Pen? Pencil! The options are endless!)


Once you get into the thick of the bullet journal world, you’ll find you may desire some extras to keep you going. I’ve found bookmarks, stick tabs, and rulers the most helpful.