Four Things to Make Your Reading Time Perfect

The kids are in bed, the husband snoozing, or you’ve finally got off of work early and have some time for yourself, and your current read. So you curl up in your chair, and get going, diving into reading about some far away place. But the neighbor’s dog is barking, your cat is scratching at it’s litter box, oh god, you’re thirsty.

It’s good enough… but it could be perfect. Here are four simple things to make your reading experience just perfect.

Before we begin, I want to make you aware that there are affiliate links throughout this post. These links give me a percentage of your purchase, at no charge to you!

Read with Good Light

I know e-readers are popular (I myself have a kindle) but their blue light isn’t suitable to be your only source of light when you read. Having a nice bedside lamp above and behind you is best, but light will do.

Four Things to Make Your Reading Time PerfectSomething to Drink to Stay with your Book

Tea, espresso, water. Anything. Keep something to drink near by, and you can go through your book without getting up to get a sip of water at the most inopportune moment. Of course, don’t drink too much. You don’t want to have to hold it in while you’re just getting to the good part.

Background Noise to Immerse You

I like to play soft music when I’m reading. If you feel like you’re easily distracted, try a white noise machine or app. It’ll be easier to get sucked into your book if you can’t hear the dog running around, the kids snoring, or the noisy neighbors. Try and even match up the noises with the book’s plot! Stormy action scene? Play some thunder and rain! Your hero camping out? There are plenty of campfire crackling styles to listen to.

A Fun Bookmark to Mark your Reading

Nothing makes you more excited to get back to your book the next night then a cute bookmark. I personally like magnetic ones, because they’re so just darn cute. Or you could even try a handmade bookmark. Anything that makes you smile when you open up your book next will work!

  • Megan Ogden

    I love a good book! I’ll have to try these tips! Time to shop for a new bookmark! Lol thank you!

  • The Analytical Mommy

    I really like the background music idea! I never thought of that. Thanks!!

    • Not a problem! I discovered this little trick one night when the neighbors’ cats would not shut up. Now It’s big part of my reading routine.