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How I Ditched the Nasties and Gained Wellness Awareness

They’ve been all over the internet, taking over Pinterest at a furious pace.

Essential Oils.

You’ve heard a lot about essential oils being great for your health, your home, your pets. There’s tons of information and misinformation on the internet about essential oils, and it all seems overwhelming. This post is to walk you through why I personally chose essential oils, why I chose my brand, and give you some places where I get all my information on essential oils.

Why Essential Oils?

During my last move, I pulled two large moving boxes of stuff out from under my sink. I had been switching my diet over the last several months to a whole food, as organic, I could afford diet to hopefully avoid toxins going into my system. But I had continued cleaning my home, my pet’s bowls, my own dishes with various (usually the cheapest) toxic cleaners. I looked into many options for my new apartment.

Essential oils came up in my search, and I found a wealth of information on the net. Podcasts, blogs, videos, there’s so much information out there guys! I decided to go to my local health food store and pick up a few basics used in cleaning: lemon and tea tree oils. Armed with these two oils and tons of baking soda and vinegar, I tackled my move-in clean. I even cleaned my 1970’s oven to sparkling!

I was hooked and wanted to know more. A Google search led me to the Revolution Oil’s Podcast, The Essential Oil Revolution. Samantha Lee Wright’s podcast is full of education info on every use you could think of for Essential Oils.

Why did I Choose Young Living?

After researching several companies (all the big players) I chose Young Living oils because they are extremely open in the process of where their oils come from. After I learned how potent oils can be, I wanted to be sure I trusted where my oils were coming from.

This led me to Young Living. This family owned company has dozens of their own farms throughout the world, owning the process from start to finish, including the distillation. Guys, this is a BIG deal. A lot of brands buy from a wholesaler, and who knows what they’ve been mixing in? Young Living may seem expensive to brands that you find at Amazon and Walmart, but you know where it’s coming from. And isn’t that why you started this journey? To know what’s going on and in your body and space?

To find out how to get Young Living oils and start your wellness journey, head over here.

Where do I get my Information?

Because essential oils are the latest health and fitness craze, there are thousands of places claiming they know the what’s what and whose-whose on how and when to use essential oils. The list below is a list of resources I use.

The Essential Oil Revolution podcast

The Herbal Academy 

Overthrow Martha

But the ones worth the most to me are the Spunky Oils Facebook group and the Revolutionized Lifestyle Facebook group. Both of these great resources are available to people who sign up for Young Living through an established member. (Like me!) To learn more about the support group available to you, check out this.

I’ll be having tons of information coming soon on how essential oils can help provide clarity, focus, and support your wellness and self-improvement journeys.

I hope I made this clear for you guys! I know the desire for a healthier, more wellness-focused lifestyle is a goal many of us have, and essential oils were the best next step for me. Do you use essential oils? Let me know in the comments below!