Hello world! This is Meg.

hello world

So, traditionally, programmers started with the phrase “Hello World” to begin a program. It’s a way of testing to see if everything is working correctly. WordPress uses it as a default post, to show you that everything is going great, and you can get started.

So I decided to keep the title and work off of it for my first post. It seems fitting, doesn’t it?

Hello world!

My name is Meg. I’m a UI designer by day for a corporation. When I’m not designing corporate apps, I’m working on learning to code, getting crafty, and reading. Oh, so much reading. I hope to share some of the best books I find with you guys here.

Wondering Creative is a place for me to share my explorations with you guys. I’ll share cool things I learn, my productivity tips (aka, how I manage to get it all done) and all the while keep it light hearted, fun and sassy. I love bullet journals, office supplies and books about anything and everything.

Feel free to use the contact form above to contact me at any time. While it’s not much yes, the newsletter will be the first place you will hear about new posts, possibly videos (totally can’t wait to learn that stuff for a web production!) and freebies. Yes. Freebies. I’ve got a bunch of cool things planned, but you’ll have to sign up to get the first wind of them.