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Summer Reading Project

Remember that feeling of the impending summer? The classrooms were getting warmer, and it was getting harder and harder to concentrate on lessons while you were dreaming of the sun touching your skin, playing outside, no more tests, not more waking up early to catch the bus, no more homework!

But wait. Sometimes on the last day, sometimes a week before, your teacher handed out a sheet of paper, a folder, a planner. These documents contained your summer homework. Packets of math problems, spelling worksheets, book reports.
I was one of those children that loved the work packets. I would rush through my math sheets, science readings and history essays to get to my favorite part: summer reading. While I didn’t always enjoy the selections picked, I read everything with gusto, but usually didn’t do the actual work until the nights before school. Summer reading assignments introduce students to the next year’s course work but also introduces them to styles and genres they may have never explored on their own. It may seem dumb to force children to read over the break, but books are a great way to keep the brain working, and preparing children for the next load of coursework.

The Project

Those reading assignments of my youth were the inspiration for my latest project. Starting this June, I’ll try to read three books a month and post reviews here on the blog.  All of these books are either new to me series or new to me authors.
In picking my twelve books for the summer, I realized I was looking forward to reading a lot of fantasy, which sounds perfect for summer, doesn’t it?
What kind of summer homework person were you? Did you do it all right away, in little bits, or the night before school started?